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Contact Sensor

Pedestrian collision noticing Sensor (Sensor for Active Hood System)

Product outline
Sense the collision of car with an object and Hood POP-UP if judged as a pedestrian (Reduce the pedestrian head injury)
Product features
- Compound optical fiber Sensor type (Independent development)
- Impulse sensing +Impact location sensing(Impulse compensation as per the impact location)
- Strong against Electromagnetic Interference and Noise
- Contact based Sensor: Prevention of malfunction by the Driving impact (Rough Road)
- Domestic/Overseas Patent Application completed

SBR Sensor (Seat Belt Reminder)

Product outline
Senses if a passenger seated or not and warns if the belt is not fastened in a seated state (EuroNCAP, CNCAP Scores included)
Product features
- Excellent reliability secured
- Price competitiveness

ECU (Electronic Control Unit)

Product outline
Judge a pedestrian or not at time of collision
Product features
- System Diagnosis
- Sensor Input Output Control
- History Save

Non-Contact Sensor

Shift Lever Position Sensing Module

Product outline
Senses the position of shift lever (P-R-N-D) and the position of manual mode (+,-)
Product features
- HALL sensor is applied
- CAN communication (Position information and diagnosis information)
- Integrated type structure is applied (Lever position & Manual mode)

Inductive Sensor

Product outline
A module that transmits the position of E-SHIFT to transmission with high speed CAN Communication
after calculating the magnetic induced from the upper Coupler into the position
of SENSING GEAR LEVER after generating the magnetic field from the PCB COIL
Product features
- Various applications for the detection of Rotary type location
   (Shift Lever, Acceleration Pedal, Level Sensor etc.)
- Various customer requirements are reflected.
- Car reliability performance is secured.