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We devote our selves to reform the quality by self developed design

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Toward the hidden champion
of the car parts business circles!

Independent development of the core technology of the future smart car

Our ITOPS AUTOMOTIVE Inc. which was split through the in-house venture system
of the HYUNDAI Motor Company was established with a goal of independent development
of the core technology of the future smart car.

Especially we have succeeded in the development and commercialization of various car
sensors and actuators based on the professionalism in the fields of pedestrian safety and
active safety which is being emerged as an important issue recently.
We are providing customer companies with products of excellent technology and
competitive price, and keep trying to develop a new technology with the pride that we are
contributing to the manufacturing of safer and more convenient cars

ITOPS AUTOMOTIVE Inc. is a young and creative enterprise.
We would like to grow up as an enterprise that can compete side by side in the global market.
All of our staffs and executives continue to challenge toward the future hidden champion
strengthened with technical skills.